Suspension Repairs

Suspension and shock absorbers are a complicated part of any vehicle. Your car’s suspension is critical to how it performs and handles.

Did you know that worn shock absorbers can add up to 2 metres to your braking distance? That’s only when travelling 30mph too!

With suspension being key to the safety of any vehicle, it’s important to make sure your suspension is well maintained and fit for purpose. Thankfully, BrakeTech’s skilled mobile mechanics are here to help.

What Is Car Suspension and How Does It Work?

Car suspension helps keep your tyres in contact with the road and also provides support for your car’s braking system and overall road handling. A suspension system consists of a number of complex components that work together to ensure vibrations from the road surface are well controlled.

By using a combination of coiled springs and shock absorbers (sometimes also known as dampeners), suspension is designed to keep your car stable and firm when going over potholes or other road surface imperfections. Your suspension is also crucial to your car being able to accelerate, brake and corner safely.

Another key part of modern car suspension is the anti-roll bar. In a nutshell, the anti-roll bar makes sure each side of the vehicle rises or lowers to a similar height when you hit lumps and bumps in the road. This ensures the car stays rooted to the ground, avoiding tilting or rolls through sharp corners.

What Are The Symptoms Of Bad Suspension?

There are certain things that you can look out for which might indicate an underlying problem with your suspension. These can vary from very obvious to quite subtle, as suspension generally wears out over a period of time. Some of the most common things to watch out for include:

Knocking and rattling sounds

One of the things most people complain about, before they know that they have a suspension issue, is a knocking or rattling sound. It normally starts off faintly and, as the suspension problems worsen, gets progressively louder. If you find yourself becoming irritated by knocks or rattles on uneven road surfaces, we’d suggest you get your suspension checked over.

A noticeably bumpy ride

If you drive your car regularly, you’ll probably notice if the ride becomes bumpier. Are pot holes that the suspension used to soak up, suddenly feeling much harsher? This could indicate the beginning of suspension problem. Just like any car components, shock absorbers and springs will naturally wear out over time. It’s important to keep them well-maintained so that the car’s safety isn’t compromised.

Uneven tyre wear

Over a period of time and sustained driving, it’s normal that tyres will wear. Normally they’ll wear pretty evenly. If, however, the inside or outside tyre wear is abnormal or more worn than the rest of the tyre, a suspension problem might be to blame. If you notice strange tyre wear, it’s better to be safe than sorry and have your suspension checked over.

Changes to your car’s stability

Can you physically see a change in how your car looks? Does one side look lower than another, for example? If there is an obvious change to your car’s appearance, we’d urge you get it looked at ASAP. If a change is more subtle or you’re not sure if the stability has altered, you could try the ‘’bounce’’ test. Put all of your weight on either the front or back of the vehicle and see how it reacts. If it continues bouncing more than a couple of times, there’s likely a suspension problem that needs urgent investigation.

A significant change to handling and cornering performance

Of course, there are many things that can make a car handle badly, including minor problems like tyre tracking and wheel alignment. That said, there can be far more significant suspension related issues too. If your car drifts or pulls through turning corners or has a distinct ‘’knocking’’ sound whilst cornering, this could indicate a suspension failure in process. Stop and get it checked out immediately.

Coiled Springs, Replaced And Fitted

Coil springs are an integral part of your car’s suspension. Often, if you have issues with your suspension, broken coiled springs could be to blame. If you require your coiled springs to be replaced, our mobile mechanics can source and fit the ones your car needs. Arrange your appointment and we’ll come out and fit your new coiled springs at a time and location convenient for you.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace Car Suspension


This really depends on exactly what needs doing. The price difference between a full suspension overhaul can vary dramatically compared to a single shock absorber repair, for example.

Rest assured the BrakeTech team only use the very best parts and provide a guaranteed service to keep your suspension working as it should.

Suspension is a key safety component in any car. If you have any concerns about suspension wear and tear, we’d urge you to stop driving your car and contact us straight away.

If you need any further advice on car suspension or would like to have your suspension checked out, contact our team of mobile suspension experts today.

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